Our Two Different Sized Fan Options – Sista & Co.

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Our Two Different Sized Fan Options

Because one size fan just wasn’t enough!  We originally launched Sista & Co. with just the one size fan, the Medium, a 23cm fan perfect to throw in your handbag.  Well that’s what we thought at the time, but soon enough we realised the need for a hand fan spanned across many different occasions, so we wanted to have an option/size to cater for all those occasions, hence why we introduced the Mini.  A 19cm fan, perfect for a clutch bag, a day at the races, lunch with the ladies, a dinner date or a wedding.  Making it the perfect size for any special occasion.  Whereas the Medium size, is the perfect size fan to throw in your everyday handbag for all those sporting events, music festivals, a day at the beach or those everyday moments of life that get you hot and bothered.  It’s your go to fan.

So really, it comes down to the occasion, or what you're using the fan for and the size of your handbag, once you know this you’ll know what size fan to choose – Mini or Medium?

Personally, I go for the Medium....  It's a statement, right?

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